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Sustainable and ethical sourcing

Responsible sourcing is at the very heart of our brand. We understand the importance of respecting the Earth and championing conservation to ensure that future generations can benefit from the wonders of Nature. We’re worried about what is happening to our oceans and rainforests. Our brand is founded on strong ethical principles and we engage deeply with our suppliers and farmers to understand their farming methods and ecological impact.

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The very best organic and wildcrafted ingredients

We strive hard to source the highest quality ingredients in the world. From Corsican Helichrysum to Chilean Rosehip, only the very best ingredients will do and make it into our products. Organic and especially sustainably sourced wildcrafted ingredients are much more biologically active than their counterparts and better for the environment too.

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At Zeva Organics we understand the importance of being in balance with nature and this is reflected in each of our products. We’re a PETA approved vegan company and non of our exquisitely crafted products include animal products.

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Cruelty free

We’re absolutely against animal testing, all our products are PETA approved and cruelty free. We also require that our suppliers have the same high standards as us otherwise.

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Free from synthetic chemicals

We are committed to organic skincare and providing you with the most natural, safe and effective ingredients. Our products are free from synthetic parabens, artificial parfum, alcohol, formaldehyde, sulphates, petrochemicals, phthalates, or other synthetic ingredients.

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Superior customer quality

We care a lot about our customers. We strive for the highest customer experience in the cosmetics industry and aim to be our customer’s favourite cosmetics brand.