Zeva Organics was founded by Vaqar Ahsan, father of two and former lawyer.
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My mum grew up on an organic family farm in the 1960s and I grew up listening to stories of how she and my grandma would handpick their own food. Mum and grandma also hand pressed oils on their farm to use as organic cosmetics on their skin and hair.

These stories of a purer life, closer to nature and its benefits had a deep impact. They gave me a sense of the power of the earth and its gifts. These memories stayed with me and would later inspire me to create a simple, pure and organic cosmetics brand — Zeva Organics.

In my early 30s I became increasingly aware of people around me struggling with confidence-sapping skin issues. My three sisters, family and friends would share their skin problems with me, and, over a period of years, I saw a pattern emerging — having good skin was a constant battle for most people. Modern life is disruptive to optimal skin health: pollution, stress, lack of sleep, inadequate nutrition and the makeup paradox (the more you use it, the more you need it) were all taking a toll on the skin of those around me.

I looked into things more deeply when my youngest sister suffered from severe acne that needed medical attention. I realised that many cosmetic products contained long lists of chemical fillers rather than the active botanical ingredients that benefit your skin. Even supposedly organic and natural brands were cutting corners! This really shocked me.

I’ve always been someone who loves problem solving, and I felt the answer was to help people reconnect with the healing power of nature something that is void in our modern lives.

The stories I heard as a child stayed with me and I soon made the connection between organic skincare and lifestyle choices and healthy skin. My mum who is now in her 60s has incredible skin. I began developing an expertise in skincare and retrained as an organic formulator developing a deep understanding of the composition of the skin and picking the most active, freshest and most beneficial ingredients with this expertise. I knew I was onto something when my sister started using the products I developed, and her skin started to improve straight away.

A lot of the cosmetics we buy have been sitting on the shelves for years, their potency and the connection with nature and its healing powers have faded. What we put into or put onto our body should only enhance and contribute to our well-being. Zeva Organics is born out of a desire to reconnect us to nature, and its freshest source to maintain our products’ purity and effectiveness, and to respect nature in the way my mum and grandma did as they handpicked produce all those years ago.